Chicken Fricassee for Thanksgiving Dinner

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Hello Friends,

Yes, you correctly read the title. I made Chicken Fricassee for Thanksgiving dinner. And what a great choice I made, if I do say so myself (pat, pat on my back!).

Chicken Fricassee

Don’t Hate on Me Turkey Lovers

I get you. I hear you. Roast turkey with stuffing and gravy remains my family’s favourite Thanksgiving dinner, which naturally always gets repeated for Christmas Day dinner.

I’ve nothing against the all popular turkey. But this Thanksgiving I fancied trying something new and different, and making Chicken Fricassee was a meal I’ve wanted to try for a number of years.

Page 5, Cook’s Illustrated, Fall Harvest Recipes (2022)

The recipe, perfected by Cecilia Jenkins, is easily understandable with ingredients you’ll be able to effortlessly purchase at your preferred neighbourhood grocery store.

The Apple

I appreciated Cecilia’s analysis and explanation regarding which apples are the best apples to use in this version of Chicken Fricassee to ensure a successful finishing cream sauce. For my first attempt at this recipe from Cook’s Illustrated I chose Gala apples (also known as Royal Gala apples).

Gala Apples cooking for 5 minutes on each side.

Note: The apple skins remain on, as the red skins contribute to the visuals of the finished dish.

The Chicken

These organic boneless chicken breasts were perfection.

Organic boneless chicken breasts dredged in flour, with salt and pepper.

I chose to let the dredged chicken breasts sit at room temperature for about an hour. Before this recipe, I don’t remember if I’ve ever patiently allowed dredged chicken to rest for an hour before hitting a hot pan. Could be a coincidence, but during the frying I noticed that the flour coating remained intact, including after use of tongs to flips each piece over.

Flipped chicken. Browning on each side for 4 minutes.

Note: I made the entire recipe using a cast iron pot from Staub.

The Cream Sauce

The finishing cream sauce, made using heavy cream, a chopped onion and fresh thyme is wonderfully creamy and smooth.

I’m a big fan of cooked apples, but add in tenderly cooked organic boneless chicken breasts and a yummy cream sauce. Wow! What a delicious combination.

Side Dish?

If you’re curious if I made any side dishes I can answer that. I made one. A cheesy mashed potato soufflé.

A step up from classic mashed potatoes, this potato soufflé is something I’ve made quite often over the years. To the mashed yellow potatoes, add in a bit of whole milk, some shredded white cheddar cheese, a dollop of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese (I had chive flavoured on hand), a free-range egg, and melted butter. Bake in a covered oven proof dish at 350F degrees, for approximately 45-50 minutes. Voila.

If I were to make a second or third side dish to accompany the Chicken Fricassee two come to mind. My mind turns towards something to do with fresh (or frozen) broccoli, and a dish of glazed buttery carrots with a sprinkle of fresh thyme.

Would I make this Chicken Fricasse recipe again?

Definitely. For my family, this dish evoked a wonderful sense of comfort and quiet Autumnal coziness.

I think it’s one you too are going to return to over and over again.

Thank you for reaching the bottom of this post.

Best Wishes and Happy Cooking


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