The Joy of a Simple Sunday Chicken Dinner

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Sunday Chicken from Taste of Home


This recipe is cheap, cheerful, and absolutely delicious. Plus it’s super easy to assemble.

An added bonus is I didn’t have to look for it. The recipe kindly popped up on my Instagram feed Saturday afternoon.

I am hugely thankful to see that for once, I had all the ingredients on hand. All I needed to do was take the chicken from the freezer and give it the time it needed to defrost.

Feast your eyes on this scrumptious closeup.

Here’s the pic from the the Taste of Home Instagram feed.

A few alterations I made:

I used drumsticks rather than a whole fryer chicken.

I sautéed the drumsticks in bacon fat for a few minutes on each side in an attempt to crisp up the skin. That effort didn’t quite work but I was glad to try.

Said ingredients are here:

Baking time was just as instructed – 2 hours. My senses loved the fragrances coming from my kitchen.

I definitely recommend this recipe. My tummy is going to love the leftovers.

With Gratitude,



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