OMG! Candy Bar Crimes

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On Friday, I took myself to a Rexall drugstore in downtown Toronto as I had a hankering for something sweet.

I aimed my feet to the store’s junk food isle. But no sooner did I arrive at my destination when I suddenly, and definitely unexpectedly, found myself sucking some extra oxygen. My feet felt paralyzed in their tracks.

I get that we all need to earn a living, pay our taxes and bills, keep roofs over our heads, the lights on, etc, etc. But these high prices are stupidly insulting.

You can pay $7.49 for 12 peanut butter cups at Rexall or, you can like I did, pay $2.00 for 10, via a grocery store chain like No Frills. (I made that purchase Friday night.)

My local No Frills regularly charges $3.49 for the same size bag of Smarties. $2.00 less than what Rexall regularly charges. Go figure.

It’s candy people, it’s crap for the body. None of us should be buying it much less consuming it. But if you are going to buy it why would you pay over the top stupid prices for it.

Price point for one candy bar is $1.99, or two for $3.00, which takes the price per unit to $1.50. But you have to buy two to save yourself the $0.98.

Alternatively, you can go to a price conscious store like Dollarama and pay around $0.80 per candy bar.

If you feel the need to only buy your candy bars at a classic grocery store you can always wait until a four pack goes on sale. At least once, maybe twice, a month No Frills puts the four packs on sale for $2.99.

The next item isn’t candy, but the product was stacked right beside the candy bar section so I snapped this photo.

Mmm, should I pay $5.99 for a 12 pack of Pepsi at Rexall? Or, should I pay $4.99 for an 18 pack of Pepsi at Shoppers Drugmart?

Neither eating the candy bars or drinking the soda are high on my to do lists anymore. I’ve aged. My body doesn’t want them that often. And I know both are crap. But when I do get a craving and feel like indulging I definitely am willing to push the craving down until I can find a price point that is reasonable and affordable.

I left Rexall empty handed.

With Gratitude,



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