Naturally Beautiful and Simply Perfect

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Some years, springtime in Toronto can seem to take forever to arrive. And this year, it has taken forever to arrive. There’s no seeming about.

Torontians are first class managers of Canadian winters. We get to tackle the never ending windchill, sidewalks and roadways coated in black ice, and looooooong, dark, sunless days.

Spring has definitely been snoozing. So far consistent days filled with warm, sunny skies have alluded us folks here in the Six. So ya gotta get outside when you can.

Today I woke just as the sun started to rise. I walked my dog watching the night’s sky gently turn to pink, and then a light blue.

An hour later I grabbed my camera and a bottle of water and headed out to get in my 10,000 steps before the day’s forecasted rains fell. Mother Nature had other plans. Rain started falling as I approached 7,000 steps.

Plan B. Head to the mall after showering and eating breakfast. And look who came out to play. Mr. Sunshine. I snapped these three photos while waiting for a bus.

Sunshine, blue skies, budding trees, green grass, a few dandelions, and a gorgeous daffodil. What more could a girl ask for?

By the way, my step count reached 13,623.



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