Grass Cuttings and Soggy Toes

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That’s what I had this Saturday morning on my shoes and in my shoes. Not ideal conditions for an early morning walk but so what. Grass dries and falls off. Feet, socks, and shoes dry.

The weather conditions were less than ideal. But it also wasn’t all that bad. At least we had double digit temps.

Before the rain started to fall I managed to squeak in just over 6,900 steps. My goal was 10,000. If I hadn’t brought along my DSRL I probably would have ignored the rain and walked further, achieving my step goal. I lived my circumstances and chose not to risk possible damage to my beloved camera.

Steps can be walked indoors. My trusty treadmill awaits some attention.

Steps can also be walked inside shopping malls. And today is a day I need to visit a mall to make some purchases.



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