I Know What Works – For Me

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Do you know what works – for you?

Thanks to another winter storm rolling through this weekend I finally took the time to download 4,000+ photos from a memory card.  Yikes!  Nothing like conquering a little procrastination.

Sitting down my only goal was to clear off a memory card and back up the images.  But a second, equally important thing took place.  After looking through a fair number of the photos I came to the realization that I know what works for me.  By that I mean – I know what makes me feel better after a tough work week, or when one of life’s nasty experiences comes a little too close for comfort, when retreating is a lot more comfortable than stepping out and moving forward.   I know what makes me smile, relaxes my body, has me breathing a whole lot easier, and most importantly, quiets my mind.

I thought I would share some of those things with you.  By the way, I wrote some notes when I was going through the photos – I now realize my list is too long for one blog post so I think I may do it over a few.  Hope you don’t mind.

Rediscovering Old Favorites

IMG_1773 (2)

This is Ontario Place.  You can find it in Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario.  I was 13 when I visited it for the first time.  My Mom and I flew up from Nova Scotia to visit family.  We spent a day at the park with one of my Dad’s sisters and her youngest daughter.  What I loved, and still do love about Ontario Place is that it’s right on the water.   I snapped this photo during a gorgeous Autumn day in September 2018.  I can still remember feeling both the warmth from the sun and the cool winds that were blowing off the lake.


I’m never not going to want to wander.  I took this shot in the Summer of 2018 while walking south on Bathurst Street.  Below the bridge are the CN Railway tracks, and of course, there is that not so sneaky CN Tower standing tall, holding up the background of my photo.

Wandering Into Wide Open Spaces

I love living in a big city like Toronto.  There’s always something to do; people to see; places to go.  But I know my soul loves wide open, quiet spaces even more than my heart appreciates all that a city can offer.

IMG_1590 (1)I arrived at this spot after hiking up a rather cool, dark, and very skinny trail in one of Ontario’s provincial parks.  And I smiled.  I felt the sun.  I felt a breeze. I heard the wind rustling some leaves.  I saw some birds flying overhead.  I felt calm.


This is a view I saw one day driving north of Toronto on my way to a friend’s home.  I had to stop the car and take a few photos.  The wild flowers were gorgeous, and cooperatively right where I needed them to help make this shot a wee bit more interesting.

Walking  Down Quiet Lanes

IMG_E1553 (1)

I grew up in a time that when your parents told you to to go out and play that’s what you did.  And those same parents never knew from time you left the house in the morning  until supper time, what exactly you got up to all day.  The only time we would return home was either to eat or use the bathroom.  So I got used to wandering – and nothing beats a quiet dirt path in the middle of some woods.

Glorious Autumn Days

IMG_2678 (2)

Autumn is my favorite Season of the five.  Yes, there are five.  The fifth, as we all know is the Christmas Season.  I’ll leave it for another post to talk about that splendid Season.  Though if you believe in the magic of the Christmas Season then I think you can believe in the magic of the Autumnal Season.  How is it possible that we have warm days, sunny, bright blue skies,  green grass, and an extraordinary wealth of yellow, red, gold, and green leaves.


The Morning Rise and the Evening Set of Our Beloved Sun

I’m full of gratitude whenever I can capture either event through my camera lens.  For me, sunrises and sunsets are better enjoyed and definitely more appreciated during quieter moments, well away from traffic noises.  Regularly, I notice that the air seems to be calmer, strong winds seem to drop down and become light breezes, ruffling our hair, rather than pushing our sails.  I notice we all tend to lower our voices, speaking just slightly above whispers.  We can still be heard by the intended listener, but no longer by  strangers walking by with their companions.

IMG_9810 (1)

IMG_8640 (1)

So there you have it, just a few of the things that work for me to make my life experiences a little nicer.  It’s my hope to post another similar blog in the future, giving you some more examples of things that work for me.




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