My Frugal Christmas Tree

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It’s true, you definitely do not need to use your mortgage monies to decorate your praise worthy Christmas tree. With a wee bit of planning, foresight, and a willingness to buy ahead, you can assemble a stunning Christmas tree that is sure to be a hit with your family and holiday guests.

Everything on my Christmas tree, as well as the tree itself, was purchased at prices between 50-80% off regular retail prices.

My quest, and dare I use the word ‘need’, for this tree started in November 2017, after accepting the painful reality that my beloved artificial tree of plus 25 years needed to be retired. If my memory serves me, I believe I paid around $200 for that tree. A minor fortune for me back then. What was I thinking?

All those years ago I had experienced my first Christmas alone, as my marriage of less than 3 years came to sudden end when the ding-a-ling I married (I can now call him a ding-a-ling), told me he changed his mind. No way was I going to let his decision ruin my favourite holiday season. So I invested in myself and my happiness by buying the tree I wanted. I have no regrets spending that much money.

Nor do I have any regrets this year of using some of my time to buy Christmas ornaments that I like, at discounted prices. The tree, which is 6 feet, was 50% off at $29.99, the larger baubles came in a package of 50, at 80% off the regular price of $45. I paid $9. The assortment of smaller baubles came in various packages of 6 to 12 pieces each and the sale prices ranged from $2.59 to $6.30 each.

And we all know our Christmas trees must be topped with something exquisite. This crown is far smaller than my tree deserves but it was too precious to leave behind. It too was purchased for 60% off the retail price of $7.99.

So you as you can see from my new Christmas tree, I didn’t need to pay full price for any of the decorations. Oh, wait I forgot all about the lights. I purchased those for 50% of the retail price of $9.99. I deliberately decided to not buy dollar store tree lights as I had done so a few years ago, and while the price of $1.50 per string of 50 was attractive, what was not attractive was having the lights die well before it was time to take down my tree in the New Year.

Wishing you and your Christmas trees a very Merry and Happy Season



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