When Summer Rolls Into Autumn

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When Summer rolls into Autumn my favorite season has commenced.  It is the time of the year when I feel most connected to Mother Earth, and it is also the time of the year when I feel my most creative self.

When Summer rolls into Autumn I am thrilled to say goodbye to Summer’s heat and it’s  always present oppressive humidity that blankets Toronto.

When Summer rolls into Autumn the temperatures get cooler which means the Autumnal colors start to pop.  Our scenes overflow with a treasure chest abundantly full of Mother Earth’s priceless jewels.  Sapphire blue skies, golden sunsets, red ruby maple leaves, and bright emerald green grass lightly painted with a pearly morning frost.


Cooler nights have us shutting off our central air and dressing our beds with our favorite soft flannel bed linens.

Yes I admit, when Summer rolls into Autumn there is definitely one significant victim.  We mourn the decline of our cherished day light hours.  The sun starts to set in the late afternoon rather than the hour after we have enjoyed our dinner and washed up the dishes.  The privilege of being able to go on long walks with the family pet have to be pushed to the weekends, as our  twilight sky is lost early to a heavy blanket of darkness that steadfastly covers it.

If you’re like me and enjoy cooking and baking, Autumn means an easy return to freshly baked homemade apple pies, chewy squares and cookies, savory stews, and simmering pots of homemade soups.

When Summer rolls into Autumn it is a perfect opportunity to enjoy one last camping trip with friends, or maybe go on day hikes, frequenting some of our beautiful provincial parks, all the while, memories of black-flies and mosquitoes have faded away.  With the lack of humidity and the abundance of warm days, Autumn is a terrific season to explore neighborhoods in my home city of Toronto.  I am always thrilled to find new shops, rediscover old favorites, and try some new restaurants.


Any feelings of frustration brought about by fewer daylight hours can be turned into positive opportunities to return to unfinished home-keeping projects, cracking the cover of the novel – you know the one you promised yourself all summer you would read.  And boy, do I have a lot of those promises to keep.

When Summer rolls into Autumn it’s means another opportunity to turn your attention to favorite hobbies, perhaps catching up on some movies and Netflix series, the ones your workmates have been talking about.

When Summer rolls into Autumn anything is possible.




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